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Comprehensive Cardiac Care In The MetroWest Community -
Framingham, Medway and Natick

The Heart Center, an affiliate at the Tufts Medical Center’s CardioVascular Center , a nonprofit organization, is comprised of 11 cardiologists.  We are the largest cardiology group in the MetroWest area and one of the largest cardiology groups in the state of Massachusetts.  Our cardiologists have all trained at leading academic centers and now offer state of the art cardiovascular care in offices located in the MetroWest area - Framingham, Medway and Natick.  We pride ourselves in providing cutting edge care with a supportive and caring staff in offices that are local and convenient for our patients.  The Heart Center offers a range of services that cannot be matched by any other cardiology group in the area. 

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Framingham Cardiology


Framingham Cardiology

A Partnership Created for Our Patients

The Heart Center of MetroWest and Tufts Medical Center’s CardioVascular Center recently formed a partnership giving you and your family convenient access to the most cutting-edge cardiovascular services and treatments, right here in the MetroWest community.
Learn more about our new partnership here.

Adventures in angioplasty

The physicians at the Heart Center strive to reduce their patient’s cardiovascular risk but when invasive procedures are needed, state of the art technology and expertise is available locally. Recently the MetroWest Daily News did a spotlight on Dr. James Alderman, MD of the Heart Center, and the coronary angioplasty program in Framingham.

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Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States for men and women. Nearly 2400 Americans die every day from cardiovascular disease – nearly one person every 37 seconds. Heart disease kills as many people annually as cancer, accidents, diabetes, and lung disease combined.

It is estimated that in 2008 about 800,000 Americans will suffer their first heart attack, and another 400,000 will suffer a repeat heart attack. This year at least 300,00 Americans first indication that they have heart disease will be sudden cardiac death.

Make sure you know your cardiovascular risk and are doing all you can to reduce your risk. The Framingham risk score is one way to estimate that risk.

Risk Assesment Calculator


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